An ode to e-Ranger electric bikes

If you buy a bike from us, we think you will adore,

The scope it will provide, you’ll want to cycle more.

And if you need some extra oomph to get you up that hill,

Our pimped up bikes are great for that, they really fit the bill.


“They’re bikes just for old folk,” said one crazy fool!

And then he tried one out, and now he thinks they’re cool.

So forget that way of thinking, ‘cos you couldn’t be more wrong,

Our bikes are for all grown-ups, no matter frail or strong!


The times when you are late, or simply have to dash,

Hop on your electric bike, you’ll be there in a flash.

Because you’ve bought a bike from us, you’ll cycle and feel proud,

As you whizz on by and overtake, the cycling lycra crowd!


Have a look on Facebook, where you can like our page,

‘cos our electric bikes are really all the rage!

Or browse through our website, have a look what’s there,

In return we give to you, some great customer care.


We’ve a style to suit your needs – yes, our claim is bold,

With frames to suit all shapes and heights, some will even fold.

Thank you for your time, and don’t you be a stranger,

When you want an electric bike, always buy e-Ranger!

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