Ditch the car and start cycling


There are so many reasons to ditch the car and start cycling, but the fast-paced world we now live in can distract us from taking a step back to really consider them.

Realising that not everyone has the time or inclination to read lengthy articles, here’s just a summary of some key reasons and benefits to cycling.  Maybe now is the time to consider buying an e-Ranger bike…

Health & Fitness

  • build up muscle and reduce body fat
  • strengthen your legs whilst saving your knees.  It’s important though that you have the right sized bike and the saddle set at the correct height, to avoid unnecessary straining and stretching
  • good heart and lung exercise
  • can help reduce stress and anxiety


  • bikes are kinder on your wallet – cheaper to buy, run and maintain
  • cheaper insurance
  • cycle to work schemes come with tax benefits.  No more stuck in traffic jams either, so you might even get to work quicker than by car
  • do you spend money on a gym membership but rarely attend?  Drop the membership and cycle more instead


  • you’ll reduce your carbon footprint with 0% emissions, as well as helping reduce pollution for future generations
  • you’ll help reduce the wear and tear on our roads
  • animals are safer – you don’t usually hear of cyclists being the cause of roadkill!


  • spend quality time cycling together with family and friends
  • join a local cycling club and make new friends
  • help support a charity – there are many cycling activities out there that you could get involved with

As I write this article, the sun is shining outside and is making me want to get outside, get on my bike and go for a ride.  Sometimes you just have to grab life by the handlebars!

e-Ranger’s Vulcan MTB


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