Electric bikes – dispelling the misconception

Electric bikes – dispelling the misconception

Bring up the subject of electric bikes and you’ll most likely hear someone say they’re either for lazy or old people!  Oh, how wrong and short-sighted they are!

As an owner of the ‘Titan’ bike from e-Ranger Electric Bikes – www.e-ranger.co.uk – my ‘regular’ mountain bike has now been demoted.  Why?  It’s nothing to do with laziness or age, but everything to do with opening my mind and appreciating the benefits of an electric bike.

An electric bike offers everything a conventional bike does, and then it keeps on giving because it’s pimped up with some va va vroom!

Not only is my Titan electric bike a more comfortable ride than my old mountain bike, it also enables me to cover more distance, which is great as I get to explore further.  Also, there’s no huffing and puffing when cycling against headwinds, and no struggling up my local 8% hill that would usually have me dismount and pushing my old bike somewhat red-faced and breathless.  On my Titan, I can simply activate the motor at the press of a button and voilà, I’m pedalling up the hill still sat in my saddle!  When I’m at the top, I can just turn the motor off and resume cycling unassisted if I want.  That’s the beauty of it – you decide when you want some power-assist and which level you want.

I had a cyclist shout after me (in a friendly way), “Hey, that’s cheating” as I overtook him on my electric bike going uphill.  Let’s be clear, an electric bike is no more cheating than any other piece of equipment or device we use to assist us in our busy lives.  It’s also a whole lot cheaper to run and maintain than a car or motorbike, and it’s emission free!

An electric bike really is a fantastic mode of transport for a wide range of ages, fitness levels and circumstances.  Great for adding a little zest to your daily commute to work, or just to pop to your local supermarket for something you need without getting caught up in traffic or struggling to find a parking space.  An electric bike is also a brilliant addition for those with motorhomes.

Still riding a conventional bicycle?  Isn’t it time you got on board with an e-Ranger electric bike and stay ahead of convention!

Maddy B

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