electric bikes for seniors



What is the best electric bike for seniors?


Step-through frame ebikes are probably the most popular choice for senior cyclists; with its low curved frame, mounting and dismounting is more convenient and practical for those who maybe don’t have full mobility, or for those who just don’t want to swing a leg over the saddle. electric bikes for seniors

The Cruiser step-through model from e-Ranger Electric Bikes is their bestselling ebike, and it comes in a choice of 3 frame sizes (petite, standard and XL), making it a great choice for adults ranging in height from approximately 4’ 10” upwards.  Check out their website at www.e-ranger.co.uk for further details, bike specifications and customer reviews.


Are electric bikes safe for seniors?


As we get older, some physical activities can become harder or even impossible to do.  Cycling doesn’t need to be one of them though as more people are discovering the benefits of electric bikes, enabling them to keep active and mobile.  Think of ebikes as a regular bicycle but with a welcome boost of pedal-assisted power at your fingertips.

Cycling can improve your overall fitness, and the added power boost you get from an ebike will help you cycle further and get you up hills without over-exerting yourself.  There are many electric bikes on the market these days and they do differ in style, performance and specification.  It’s a good idea to test ride a few ebikes within your budget so that you buy the one you’re most comfortable with and best fits your requirements.

Before riding any bicycle, ensure the frame size is suitable for your height and that the seat and handlebars are adjusted to fit you properly.  It is strongly recommended that you wear a suitable helmet when cycling and wear appropriate clothing and footwear for both the terrain and weather conditions.

Electric bikes are heavier than standard push bikes though, so do bear this in mind.  Walk/start-assist throttles can be a useful feature to have on your electric bike as it can make manoeuvring the bike/starting off easier.


Are electric bikes healthy?


It’s important for our physical and mental health that we keep active, and cycling can be a good way of getting out and about whilst getting exercise in an enjoyable and relaxing way, benefitting both physical and mental wellbeing.

Electric bikes can help strengthen muscles and improve mobility and overall health, without putting stress and strain on your joints and muscles, so could be an ideal option for those with restricted mobility and health issues.*

An ebike provides you with different levels of pedal-assisted power so you can choose how much or how little you want at any given point in your journey, thereby eliminating the huffing and puffing of cycling up hills and into headwinds.  Our bodies may get wearier the older we get, but we can get wiser!


*Always seek medical advice from a qualified person if you have any health issues or mobility restrictions and are in any doubt as to whether an electric bike is suitable for you.



What is the most comfortable bike?


It mainly comes down to personal preference and what you’re using your bike for.  It’s worth considering the Cruiser (step-through frame) and the Overlander (cross rail) models from e-Ranger Electric Bikes for leisure cycling.  They’re both great examples of value for money, quality ebikes – they come kitted out with plenty of useful features fitted as standard – which you don’t always get with other brands.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that a step-through frame isn’t so restrictive in what you can wear – great news if cycling lycra shorts aren’t your thing!


Step-through electric bikes for seniors


We are encouraged to keep as active as we can and with the right type of bike, cycling can be an inclusive activity regardless of age.  It’s a great means of socialising with family and friends too – cycling to your local park and nearby scenic spots or exploring and discovering new places together… throw in a picnic and good weather and you have yourself the makings of a lovely day… simple pleasures, happy memories.

Step-through ebikes are a practical, comfortable and enjoyable means of getting around and maintaining your independence.  So if you sometimes fancy an alternative mode of transport for nearby journeys, then a step-through electric bike is a worthwhile consideration… fun to ride, cost-effective, fresh air and exercise, handy for quick errands, no waiting around for public transport or being stuck in traffic, or trying to find a parking space.

Customers who’ve bought from e-Ranger Electric Bikes have said how they wished they’d bought an ebike from them sooner, having discovered or rediscovered their joy of cycling and the freedom and pleasure it gives them.

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