Everything You Need to Know About Folding Electric Bikes





These generally have a smaller frame than non-folding bikes and most have 20” wheels, so they can feel smaller than normal bikes as the bike is riding closer to the ground.  Whilst ‘folders’ are arguably not as comfortable or as suitable for leisure cycling as a normal ebike, they are a popular choice for commuters, motorhome/campervan owners and those with limited storage.

The majority of folding ebikes will also probably have a hub motor as they are less likely to get in the way of the folding mechanism.  Batteries may also have slightly less capacity than regular ebikes.

There are plenty of folding ebikes available on the market these days, and with them varying in weight, style, performance and comfort, it’s definitely worth shopping around and test riding a few to find the one that best meets your needs and budget.folding electric bikes




e-Ranger Electric Bikes has 3 models of folding ebikes, all with 20” wheels – the Stowaway, the Jazz and the Luna.  The Stowaway and Jazz weigh 21kg with battery / 18kg without and both models cost £945.  The Luna weighs 22kg with battery / 19kg without and costs £995.  With 5 PAS levels and 6 Shimano gears, all 3 are great value folding ebikes.

The Stowaway and Jazz folds down to approx. 900x350x750mm and the Luna folds down to approx. 900x420x750mm.





Most folding ebikes fold by a frame hinge in the middle and the seat post and handlebar fold down. Folding and reassembling can take a bit of getting used to though, but with a little practice it should be fairly quick and easy to fold and reassemble.  Always be mindful of having a good body position when folding and lifting your bike.

folding electric bikes


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