It’s fun Friday



Did you manage to get all of the 12 answers to our It’s fun Friday post on our Instagram and Facebook pages from 24th May 2019?  Well if not, here they are…

Answers: cycle, spoke, battery, brake, saddle, wheel, fork, frame, tyre, gear, handlebar, bell

You may well sigh Kel in frustration, but we spoke about this sort of thing possibly happening.  She knocked it off the cupboard because the bat, hairy and black, flitted past her and she jumped up to chase it, but it was an accident and things break sometimes, but I know it’s sad… all things come to an end though.  We’ll just have to fork out and buy and new frame – I was beginning to tire of the old one anyway.  Let’s get ourselves into gear and go to the shops now… come on, grab my hand.  Hell, bar that time she broke the teapot, Bella’s been really good considering she’s only a puppy.

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