Cruiser Standard Silver


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Cruiser Standard Silver


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The e-Ranger Cruiser Standard Silver is a great example of a quality built and value for money electric bike.  This model is suitable for people who are around 5’3″ – 5’10” in height.

The step-through frame design makes it easy for getting on and off, and is very comfortable to ride.  You can also buy one of our wicker baskets and / or double panniers – combining useful storage with stylish looks.

The bike is fully road legal, no road tax or driving licence required and you are able to use cycle paths. Though not legally required, we recommend you wear a suitable helmet and insure your e-Ranger bike.  Our electric bikes are suitable for ages 14 and over.

Benefits of buying an e-Ranger bike

With the ever increasing cost of motoring, buying an electric bike could be the smart choice for you.  There are other benefits too from buying an e-Ranger electric bike…

  • Commuting to and from work: no more wasting time stuck in traffic, and a far cheaper mode of transport.
  • Caravans and motorhomes: perfect for getting around and exploring while you’re away.
  • Fitness and wellbeing: there are so many benefits from regular exercise.  An e-Ranger electric bike allows you to control the level of exertion that is right for you.
  • The environment: with 0% emissions, riding an e-Ranger electric bike means you’re helping to reduce pollution.

The lithium battery

The lithium battery gives you a range of approximately 30-50 miles; this can be extended by pedalling and using the 9 levels of power assist to manage the battery usage.  The battery is good for 500 recharges and takes 4-5 hours to recharge from flat.  If cared for correctly, you should expect a lifespan of 5 years plus from your battery.

Pedal Assisted System (PAS)

As soon as you start pedalling, the PAS gives you power smoothly and the 9 separate power levels determine your speed and degree of effort.  When you stop pedalling the motor cuts out.  An e-Ranger bike can be used as a normal pedal bike when the motor is switched off.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

5/5 (1 Review)

Key Points

Additional information

WHEEL SIZE 26″ wheels
FRAME SIZE 18″ frame
5/5 (1 Review)


The weight of the bike is 24kg with the battery and 21kg without.


  • Top quality rear drive 250w brushless sealed 8 Fun motor


  • Upgraded lightweight Lithium 36v / 10ah
  • Charging time 4-5 hours
  • Recharging cycles over 500 times
  • Input voltage of charger AC 110v – 230v
  • Quick release, lockable battery for easy maintenance and security


  • Japanese Shimano 7 outer gears, precise and reliable


  • Silver aluminium alloy 18” / 457mm, step-through design frame (also available in metallic red or white floral design)
  • From ground to step-through height is 44cm
  • Stable 2 point bike stand
  • Strong alloy pedals
  • Front alloy shock absorbers
  • Zoom adjustable handle bars with bell and compass
  • Mud guards flexible and very strong
  • Suitable for people 5’3″ – 5’10” in height.  We also have petite and XL ranges for differing heights and preferences
  • Comfortable padded saddle
  • Fitted anti-theft lock


  •  26” / 660mm double-wall alloy, stainless steel spokes rust resistant
  • Kenda tyres with reflective strips
  • Quick release front wheel
  • Puncture resistant tyres


  • Front disc brakes
  • Rear Tektro V brake with Tektro brake lever


  • Pedal Assisted System (PAS), very simple to use
  • Speed-limited hand throttle to 7kmh
  • Driving distance per charge 30-50 miles / 48-80 km with PAS, depending on the level of pedalling and terrain
  • Max speed 15 mph / 25 km (EU limit to be road legal)
  • With hub cable for easy maintenance
  • Maximum carry weight 125kg / 19 stone 9lbs
5/5 (1 Review)

10 reviews for Cruiser Standard Silver

  1. michael russell (verified owner)

    Very excellent service and product, highly recommend,company and bikes

  2. Joy Floody

    We ordered 2 of these bikes at the Motorhome show in Malvern and we are so pleased wirh them. We have had electric bikes before but these are so much better! The 9 different power levels, comfortable riding, sturdiness and ease of use of the bikes is amazing! Would highly recommend

  3. Ian Leatherbarrow

    Have had the cruiser for two months now and excellent bike good value for the money would highly recommend the bike and the company

  4. Lynda Alliott

    Hi, Andrew, glad to write a review on my E-cycle. Although I can ride a bike I have never owned one, so choosing was a big thing for me. Not sure how I came across your site but really pleased I did as I couldn’t be more pleased with my new E-Ranger bike. Being in lockdown was not a bad thing in a way as I now have a new hobby which I can share with my husband who also has electric cycle. A bit tentative at first but a month down the line getting easier. The features are good, would have liked a clock within the display but just a minor thing! Great service all round thank you

  5. SM

    I can’t believe it is over a year since I bought my cruiser bike from you at the Norfolk Show 2018. Pleased to say it has been a complete success – I have regained a lot of confidence on the bike, am enjoying cycling again and of course able to go further and faster than for the last few years on the pedal bike. The strangest thing is the confidence – I had pretty much given up cycling in traffic or over rough terrain but somehow just knowing that the motor is there to smooth things out makes everything feel a lot more possible.

    Since purchasing the bike we have been to France twice for longish holidays in the motorhome, where we have cycled for pleasure and for getting around, and also to the MotoGP races in the Netherlands where we were dependent on the bikes to get to the race track. It is no exaggeration to say that the e-bike has made this a pleasure again rather than a daunting prospect. I don’t even need to charge the battery as much as I expected as I am obviously still cycling quite hard!

    I want to say special thanks, Stuart, for you patience and kindness at the Norfolk Show when my confidence was at its lowest ebb and it took a lot for me to even get on the bike to try.

    From a happy cyclist.

  6. Sabine Scholz (verified owner)

    I’ve had the bike nearly 4 months now, and although the service itself was good in terms of delivery, I wanted to wait regarding my review of the bike till I could give a realistic opinion of its usage.

    First off, before I ordered the bike I had a question, by which time it was after UK business hours- nonetheless i received a call back quickly on the same evening.

    The bike has been used as a commuter vehicle, around 15 km per day Mon-Fri as well as frequent weekend usage. It’s been great, reliable, easy to use and logical even to someone who doesn’t do instructions very easily! The part about me not finding instructions easy is relevant because, after 3 months I had a problem where the bike suddenly cut out. I called them, they sent an engineer from the north of England to Swansea within 48 hours, only to find I could’ve found the solution by more carefully reading the instructions. My point is that the bike itself, the instructions and the service is first class. I would highly recommend the bike and this company through which to do business.

  7. Miss Morrison

    Thanks Andrew for answering my list of questions. This bike is great. Unlike my last bike these handlebars are closer to me; helpful with troublesome arm. The Trottle is useful on my bad days, great at traffic lght changes. Its heavy but people help when using the train. I got cought in the rain and the Disc brake was the business. The Mode button usefully glows at night or in tunnels. Stuart was very helpful in after service. Motobility or a moped did not provide the cardio output i get with this bike. With the other features i would recommend this enjiyable bike

  8. Faith

    Stellar customer service and I haven’t even bought the bike yet. Thanks Andrew, you are a star.

  9. Mrs J D Watson

    I must say, Stuart and Andrew we’re absolutely brilliant to do business with. They are so professional and very passionate about the bikes they sell. I’ve had my bike just over a month now, and I love it. I have back problems but I can ride my bike without any pain.
    All the good things they say about these bikes are absolutely true.

  10. Keith Pearson

    Great bike!

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