Step-Through Electric Bike

step through electric bike



Step-through electric bikes, what are they?


A step-through electric bike is an electrically assisted pedal bicycle (via a battery-powered motor), which has a low curved frame rather than having a horizontal crossbar / cross-rail.  So, instead of having to swing your leg to straddle over a high crossbar, you can just step through the low curved frame, making it far easier to mount and dismount.


Best step-through electric bikes


Which are the best step-through bikes is relative to a person’s budget and their main reason for cycling, eg. commuting to work, leisure cycling etc.  After all, how long is a piece of string?

e-Ranger Electric Bikes sell their own-branded Cruiser range of step-through ebikes.  Available in petite, standard and XL size frames,  it comes in either a silver, floral or metallic red coloured frames, depending on frame size.  Equipped with 9 pedal-assisted levels, 7 Shimano Derailleur gears, walk-assist throttle, comfortable saddle, anti-theft lock, puncture-resistant tyres, quick-release front wheel, front and rear lights – all as standard!  The e-Ranger Cruiser is a great choice for performance, comfort, style and excellent value for money, especially when compared to some other step-through models on the UK market.


You can buy cheaper step-through electric bikes elsewhere but check carefully what you get (or don’t get!) for your money; for example it may well come without any gears, have a less powerful battery, thereby giving you less range per charge, have fewer PAS levels, have no walk-assist throttle, no front and rear lights etc.

Do some research and speak to a few retailers.  A good bike retailer who understands electric bikes, will be able to answer your questions knowledgeably and help guide you into purchasing the best type of ebike for your needs and budget.  Also, test ride a few before you buy because they do differ in comfort and performance.


Through versus step-over


Generally speaking, step-through bikes offer a more comfortable ride with the added benefit of an easy mount/dismount.  This style of bike is great for everyday use but if you’re going to be doing more intense cycling, including uneven, off-road tracks / hilly terrain then a step-over frame/mountain bike is far more suitable.

Both frame styles have their pros and cons but ultimately, it’s best to choose the style that suits you and the type of cycling you’ll be doing.  The main thing to remember is that cycling can be a great way to get out and about, exploring new sights and exercising in a fun, enjoyable way.  So whichever frame works for you, just grab life by the handlebars and enjoy the ride!




Step-through bikes are an especially great choice for leisure cyclists, commuters and delivery-related jobs / activities as the frame style provides a comfortable, more upright cycling position, as well as making mounting and dismounting far easier for riders by simply stepping through the low curved frame.

Also, not everyone may want to wear trousers or shorts when cycling, so if you’re commuting to work or cycling to meet a friend for lunch for example, you can wear a skirt or dress and it won’t be all bunched up on a step-through frame like it would be if you were on a crossbar frame bike.

Step-through frames combine practicality and comfort with a classy, elegant look.

If you have short legs, knee / hip issues or just want to build up your cycling confidence, then a step-through frame could be the best option for you.

No longer seen as a frame style just for women, step-throughs are now regarded as a unisex frame – and rightly so!  With more and more men discovering the comfort and practicality of step-throughs, it’s a frame that provides a more ergonomic-friendly cycling position, and without the need to worry about straddling ungainly over a crossbar  / cross-rail / step-over frame.


Electric bikes for sale


e-Ranger’s Cruiser step-through electric bike is their most popular selling ebike, and for good reason – given the quality and specification, it’s a great value electric bike.  Check out their website at for further details, bike specifications and customer reviews.



Electric bikes for seniors


With the right type of bike, cycling can be an inclusive leisure activity regardless of age, and step-through framed electric bikes are probably the most popular and comfortable style for senior cyclists.

As mentioned above, the popular Cruiser electric bike from e-Ranger has a walk-assist throttle fitted as standard – this useful function provides a little support power to help you manoeuvre the bike, which can come in handy if you need to push your bike at any point, or even as an initial small boost of power to help you get started.

If you don’t have a full range of motion or have certain disabilities, then a step-through electric bike might be just what you need to help maintain your independence


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