There are many reasons why buying an e-Ranger electric bike makes sense


OK, so we know that sometimes getting in the car is the only practical way to get to where you need to be.  However, there could be many occasions when cycling is a smarter alternative for you as well as the environment, and surely we all want to contribute to a healthier environment to safeguard Planet Earth during our lives and for our future generations.

So rather than automatically just going for the car keys, think first… can your trip be done by cycling instead?  If the answer is yes, then the chances are it’s almost certainly going to be cheaper for you and probably quicker too.  Also,  if you’re riding an e-Ranger electric bike, your journey could quite possibly feel more liberating and exhilarating!

Not familiar with e-Ranger electric bikes? Well they’re just like normal bikes in general appearance BUT they come with pedal-assisted power via a top quality 250w brushless motor and rechargeable lightweight Lithium 36v / 10ah battery.

What does that mean for you?  Well, it means you get to cover more distance quicker and easier when you activate the pedal-assist.  You select whichever gear (as you would on a conventional bike) plus the level of pedal-assist you require at any point of your journey, and it takes the hard work out of pedalling. With an average coverage of 30-50 miles per full battery charge (dependent on terrain and level of pedalling), you can be confident in using your e-Ranger bike as an alternative to your car for things such as…

  • Trips to your local shop / post office
  • Trips to your local gym / exercise classes / leisure activities
  • Getting to appointments at your local doctor / hospital
  • Commute to work / place of study
  • Visiting nearby friends / lunch dates etc.

These are just a handful of examples, but there’ll be lots of other occasions when using an electric bike is a great choice of transport.

With a selection of bike styles and sizes available, you can buy the one that feels right for you.  Why not visit e-Ranger’s website at where you’ll find lots of information about their bikes.

Many customers love their e-Ranger bikes so much that they take them on holiday, spending lots of happy hours cycling and exploring areas that they perhaps wouldn’t get to see by foot or by car.

For those that don’t drive / don’t have a car

Not being able to drive or not having a car can be quite isolating for some people, especially if there’s a lack of suitable public transport, eg. some village locations, and taxis are often too expensive.  An e-Ranger electric bike might be the answer in bridging that gap and helping you to get out and about more.

Test ride an e-Ranger bike

If you’ve never tried an electric bike then I heartedly recommend you test ride an e-Ranger bike, because until you’ve tried one, you can’t fully appreciate just how great they are.

Contact them to arrange an appointment.

Alternatively, you might like to visit e-Ranger at their stand at one of several Shows / Exhibitions they attend around the country each year.  You can view their range of bikes, take a test ride and place your order all in one go!  Andrew and Stuart from e-Ranger have plenty of experience in helping and advising customers to make informed choices when purchasing an electric bike.  Visit their website page for details of dates and locations.

Maddy B

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