What is the range of a battery on an e-Ranger electric bike?


A popular question asked when choosing an electric bike is, “What is the range of the battery?”

Several factors will affect the distance you can expect on your e-Ranger electric bike…

  • The terrain – going uphill with the motor on full uses more battery than cycling on the flat with the motor on low
  • How much you pedal – switching the motor off while cycling on the flat will significantly affect the distance achieved on a single battery charge
  • Weight of rider – there’s a direct correlation between the weight of the rider and the motor requirement to propel the rider up a hill
  • Battery kept in best condition – setting battery memory levels on the first 2-3 charges and keeping a regular charge going through the battery.  Avoid leaving the battery in a shed/garage during winter.  These will all help keep your battery in the best possible condition to give you the maximum possible range
  • Managing the battery/motor – obviously, the less motor power you use the further distance you’ll get from your battery.  The power settings allow the rider to use the amount of assistance needed during their ride

All e-Ranger electric bikes are fitted with 250w motors and 36v 10ah batteries.  The 250w motor is the largest motor that can be fitted on a bike in the UK and still be classed as a bicycle, therefore does not require a licence, tax and can still be ridden on cycle paths.  We consider the 36v 10ah battery the best option for weight, capacity and cost.  This is why we choose this type of battery for all of our bikes.

Taking all the above into account, we tell our customers they should expect to get 30-50 miles from one full charge of a battery.  We believe this is a conservative estimate; further supported by many of our customers telling us they achieve 70+ miles on a bike ride, or over a weekend while away from an electric hook-up.

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