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Cruiser Petite Floral


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The e-Ranger Cruiser Petite Floral is a high quality and value for money electric bike. This model is suitable for people who are around 4’10” – 5’4″ in height.

The step-through frame design makes it easy for getting on and off, and is very comfortable to ride. With its attractive floral design, you can enhance the appearance even further and buy one of our wicker baskets and double panniers – combining useful storage with stylish looks.

The bike is fully road legal, no road tax or driving licence required and you are able to use cycle paths. Though not legally required, we recommend you wear a suitable helmet and insure your e-Ranger bike. Our electric bikes are suitable for ages 14 and over.

Benefits of buying an e-Ranger bike

With the ever increasing cost of motoring, buying an electric bike could be the smart choice for you. There are other benefits too from buying an e-Ranger electric bike…

  • Commuting to and from work: no more wasting time stuck in traffic, and a far cheaper mode of transport.
  • Caravans and motorhomes: perfect for getting around and exploring while you’re away.
  • Fitness and wellbeing: there are so many benefits from regular exercise. An e-Ranger electric bike allows you to control the level of exertion that is right for you.
  • The environment: with 0% emissions, riding an e-Ranger electric bike means you’re helping to reduce pollution.

The lithium battery

The lithium battery gives you a range of approximately 30-50 miles; this can be extended by pedalling and using the 9 levels of power assist to manage the battery usage. The battery is good for 500 recharges and takes 4-5 hours to recharge from flat. If cared for correctly, you should expect a lifespan of 5 years plus from your battery.

Pedal Assisted System (PAS)

As soon as you start pedalling, the PAS gives you power smoothly and the 9 separate power levels determine your speed and degree of effort. When you stop pedalling the motor cuts out.  An e-Ranger bike can be used as a normal pedal bike when the motor is switched off.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Key Points

Additional information

WHEEL SIZE 24″ wheels
FRAME SIZE 16″ frame
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The weight of the bike is 23kg with the battery and 20kg without.


  • Top quality rear drive 250w brushless sealed 8 Fun motor


  • Upgraded lightweight Lithium 36v / 10ah
  • Charging time 4-5 hours
  • Recharging cycles over 500 times
  • Input voltage of charger AC 110v – 230v
  • Quick release, lockable battery for easy maintenance and security


  • Japanese Shimano 7 outer gears, precise and reliable


  • White floral aluminium alloy 16” / 406mm, step-through design frame (also available in metallic red)
  • From ground to step-through height is 42cm
  • Stable 2 point bike stand
  • Strong alloy pedals
  • Front alloy shock absorbers
  • Zoom adjustable handle bars with bell and compass
  • Mud guards flexible and very strong
  • Suitable for people 4’10” – 5’4″ in height. We also have the white floral design in a standard size 18″ frame
  • Comfortable padded saddle
  • Fitted anti-theft lock


  • 24” / 610mm double-wall alloy, stainless steel spokes rust resistant
  • Kenda tyres with reflective strips
  • Quick release front wheel
  • Puncture resistant tyres


  • Front disc brakes
  • Rear Tektro V brake with Tektro brake lever


  • Pedal Assisted System (PAS), very simple to use
  • Speed-limited hand throttle to 7kmh
  • Driving distance per charge 30-50 miles / 48-80 km with PAS, depending on the level of pedalling and terrain
  • Max speed 15 mph / 25 km (EU limit to be road legal)
  • With hub cable for easy maintenance
  • Maximum carry weight 125kg / 19 stone 9lbs
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11 reviews for Cruiser Petite Floral

  1. Melissa

    Bought this bike 2 months ago, (2nd ele bike) and its perfect for short legs. I can reach the ground no problem – only being 5″. Easy to use, easy riding, easy to charge.
    Good upright riding position. Definitely value for money when you compare to similar bikes at double the price
    Downside – I don’t like the stitching on the handle grips (left side is already coming un stitched!).

  2. Debra Cox

    I needed to replace my old e-bike and having seen my friends decided to get an e-ranger for myself. Best decision I made . Its so comfortable, stable and easy to ride. I love it.

  3. Kim Kett

    Bought this bike a few week ago, I am only 5ft 2 and it is perfect. I live in Guernsey the Channel Islands and had it within a week. Great service and easy to put together. I love it out nearly every day. Would definitely recommend this bike.

  4. Caroline Robinson

    After much research, I bought the Cruiser Petite Floral which fits me perfectly (I am 5’3″). Having not been on a bike for 20 something years, I was a bit wobbly to start off with but once I got used to the bike, I was away! Absolutely brilliant bike. Service was great and delivery was quick. Would recommend this bike 100%

  5. Chris Ekin

    I bought a cruiser petite floral which was delivered 2 weeks ago. I absolutely love this bike. Being only 5 ft and not ridden a bike since I was about 5, which was 55 years ago I was a little apprehensive about how it would feel. I shouldn’t have worried. The size is perfect for a smaller person and having the motor to provide assistance makes cycling on any trail a pleasure. You can cycle as much as you want to under your own steam, knowing you have the backup of the motor should you start to feel a little tired. It’s very easy to work out what power level you need and the battery lasts for a long time. Having now retired both my husband andI have found our new hobby getting out in the fresh air and exercising is a wonderful way to spend time. The support from Andrew is wonderful. He answers any questions promptly and it’s nice knowing he is there should we need any support. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this bike and this company if you are thinking of buying an e bike.

  6. Eileen

    I bought the Floral Petite ebike as I am only 5’2” and it is a good size for me. Very pretty bike and goes up hills effortlessly, which is good as I live on a very long steep hill. I haven’t done a lot of miles yet as I’m still getting used to riding a bike again after many years riding motorcycles which is very different, and I am in my 70’s now. The main difficulty is finding somewhere nice to ride. Whichever way I leave home involves a lot of hills and narrow streets and lanes, with poor road surfaces ( which I’ve contacted the local Council about, and had promise that some areas will be repaired). I struggled a bit at first without a written manual, but a biker friend has helped me sort things. One was trying to fit the basket. At first there wasn’t room because of the brake cables, and when I put it on it kept putting the back brake on, but my friend managed to re- arrange the cables so that it now fits. Overall I like my new e- bike and I am glad I got it before the rush to buy bicycles. We just need the four wheeled traffic to slow down now and give cyclists some respect.

  7. Nicola Price

    I ordered the petite floral bike which arrived quickly. I absolutely love this bike . I’m 56 and have a fatigue condition which prevented me from riding more than about 6 miles on an ordinary bike. With the floral I’m averaging 25 to 30 miles and am going to places which I would never have been able to go to before. Feel young again. A beautifully made bike and excellent value for money. Love it.

  8. Jan Jones

    I purchased the cruiser petite during lockdown, as I was finding theDevon hills a bit hard going, and my husband was leaving me behind on the hills!
    Well not any more! This bike has just made cycling so much more enjoyable.
    I did my research before buying and saw this one which I loved. It is very girly and although I edging towards 70, I am still young at heart!
    I was concerned buying on the internet without seeing or trying it, but needn’t have worried. It was sent within a week with video instructions on the set up,which was minimal and easy.
    I had a minor snag( my battery wasn’t locked in properly) but was quickly sorted after a phone call to Andrew.
    For someone who is in the 5ft range,as I am ,it is a perfect size
    Thank you for my super bike, I would certainly recommend the bike and the service, I think my husband is now very envious and may even buy one himself!

  9. Lyn Short

    What a lovely little bike! I’ve struggled in the past as I’m only 5ft tall, but this one is perfect. I’m over 70 with a little bit of a heart problem which means I can suddenly run out of steam. I’d become a nervous of riding my
    mountain bike for fear of becoming tired when any distance from home. Using the electric bike means I can ride it without electronic assistance until I feel ready for a little help to ride home again.

    The bike is so pretty, light (compared to other electric bikes I looked at) and nippy. The components are first rate, as was the outstanding service when I was buying. The bike was delivered to my door, assembled, checked and ready to go. I could not ask for more.

  10. Carol Spinks

    Following a partial knee replacement in January I decided to bite the bullet and buy myself an electric bike – primarily for taking on holiday when we go away in the motorhome. I arranged for a test ride with a view to buying. Stuart arranged to come a day earlier than booked – which was great as I was able to test ride it in a good headwind! I was sold!
    I already own a hybrid and a road bike – and this bike is small in comparison – but I went with the frame size for my height (5’2″) and it is ideal.
    I went out for a ride this morning – ordinarily I would take one look at the wind speeds (up to 20mph) and stay at home. Not today. I went up to level 9 when in the strongest headwind – but even at that level the bike was running away with me – so I tended to cycle at either levels 7 or 8 – and lower when in a back wind. I did 15.8 miles – which is less than I normally do on my road bike – but more than I have previously done on my hybrid since my operation. I have not ventured in to the Wolds yet – that’s a 9 mile cycle just to reach them (it’s really flat where I live) – so the test will come when we go to the Yorkshire Dales at Easter, unless I venture to the Wolds before then.
    In a nutshell I am very happy with the bike and look forward to lots of happy cycling – whether on holiday or not!

  11. Keith Howland

    This fabulous bike is only outshone by the fantastic service provided by Stuart and Andrew. I had originally purchased the Standard Floral for my wife’s birthday. This was delivered direct to outdoor by Stuart who had already completed the bikes final assembly, he gave a thorough “introduction” to the various controls and after a cup of tea set off back to Lincolnshire. He had sent me the manual for the computer before he left via e-mail but I then found that the bike manual was missing and on phoning Andrew he immediately sent me the relevant manual, also by e-mail. My wife was over the moon with the bike but watching her I thought it was slightly to big, she is 5′ 4”, and although the saddle was in its lowest position she could not put her feet on the ground whilst sitting on it. I phoned up the following day and explained the problem and Stuart immediately said he would change it for the Petite. After the weekend, in which the bike was locked in the garage and not used, Stuart phoned on Monday morning and subsequently arrived with the Petite bike about 2 hours later, he made sure it was set up and left, declining a cup of tea as he had lots of work to catch up on. We live between York and Leeds so taking into account the workshop is in Lincolnshire I believe that the service supplied by e-ranger is highly commendable and should be recognised. The bike is perfect for my wife and she loves going out on it when she gets home from work and I firmly believe it will not be long before she is cycling to and from work. Outstanding workmanship coupled with brilliant after sales service I strongly recommend anyone considering buying an electric bike to look no further than e-ranger.

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